Infralution Services

Services we provide

Infralution can provide your company with a range of software consulting services:

  • Architectural Design and Review
  • Software Process Development
  • Component and Tool Selection
  • Mentoring of Development staff
  • Refactoring and Porting

We specialize in development of Microsoft .NET based application architectures and have experience in a wide variety of application domains including:

  • Real-Time
  • Medical Instruments
  • Digital Imaging
  • Defence
  • Security

Why use our services?

If software is your company's core business then you will want to retain the development process in-house to maintain control over quality and intellectual property. Many small to medium size software businesses however have limited resources to employ highly skilled software architects as permanent staff.

The architectural design phase of any software project is critical to its success. The more experience, skills and brainpower that you can apply to this phase, the greater the likelihood of success. The expression "Two heads are better than one" is nowhere more true than in software architecture development.

This is where Infralution can provide a cost effective solution. We will work with your development team providing the additional skills and input you require at the critical design stage without the financial burden of additional permanent staff or the loss of control involved in sub-contracting.